Interview English..

Level: Advanced

In this course you will effectively practise your 

interview skills in preparation for job applications.

This course is for 6 hours in total and each lesson is 1 hour long.

This course can be taken face-to-face or online.

Lesson 1: 

You will:

  • learn to widen your usage of vocabulary relating to specific interview questions for university

  • Learn how to use the S.T.A.R.R method to strengthen your answers to common University interview questions

  • Increase your fluency and speaking skills

Lesson 2: 

You will 

  • Learn about types of skills and expand your vocabulary by talking about skills you are good at

  • Practise questions relating to your own skills set

  • Learn types of qualities and expand your vocabulary when talking about your own qualities

  • Talk about what kind of animal most represents your character and skills

  • Practise developing answers when talking about and describing your weaknesses

Lesson 3: 

You will:

  • Greatly expand your usage of vocabulary relating to job interviews

  • Learn advanced vocabulary specifically related to character

  • Practise how to reply to the most common interview questions for example “tell me about yourself”

  • Increase your fluency and pronunciation

Lesson 4: 

You will:

  • Learn about the basic layout for a standard CV

  • Learn very important action words you can use to boost your CV

  • Talk about common mistakes that are made in a CV and how to improve them

  • Talk about what makes a good CV and how to talk about your USPS (unique selling points)

  • Write up/improve your own CV with further feedback

  • Learn about application forms

Lesson 5:

  • Learn effective methods of how to write and structure a covering letter how

  • Learn useful vocabulary you can use in your covering letter

  • Practice writing your own covering letter with detailed feedback afterwards

  • Greatly expand your vocabulary and confidence.

Lesson 6:

  • Review


If you are interested in this course and you wish to enquire about it, please fill out your details below and James will get back to you.


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