My Story..

I first started teaching in 2010 while I was staying in Italy. I realised that many people have spent a lot of time learning English. However, although they have studied from books, they have had very little opportunity to actually speak English. When they did it was usually with other people who were not native speakers, so there was no-one to point out their mistakes and learn new language from.

My emphasis since then has been on English as it is actually used. I have taught a lot of university students and professionals, individually or in small groups. I really enjoy seeing my students succeed. My students are amazed at the progress they make with intensive coaching.

Every summer I teach groups of Italian school children who come to stay with my family in Loughborough, England. They are usually working towards exams, but I still make my main focus communication because that's what they mainly miss in school.

I have been to South East Asia four times. I have taught in some schools on the way. Below are some photos from Thailand, Vietnam and China. Get James's new e-book here